Fence Estimating – Several Options To Consider

Once you have decided to build your fence, you need to know what kinds of materials to buy and how much of them. This is where fence estimating comes into play. There are several ways to get the right amount of materials, but some are easier and more accurate than others. Here is a look at how to fence estimating works and how you can use it to your advantage.

The traditional fence estimating method is to do it by hand. You will use a measuring device like a tape measure or a yardstick to determine the length of the fence. Then, if you are building a wooden fence you need to determine how far apart the slats will be and how wide each slat is. Then you will find out how many slats you need per length of the fence. It is helpful to do one section and use this as a guide when estimating the rest of the fence. If it is a chain link, the length of the yard is the amount of fence you will need minus the gate. Then you will need to see how many support poles you will need. Don’t forget to include hardware in your fence estimating so that you will get an accurate total.

Another way of fence estimating is to have a professional come out and give you a fence installation estimate. This can be costly, however, as some companies will charge for their time. If you are planning on building the fence on your own, this is not always the most helpful route, since the cost estimate that a professional will give you will include labor costs. But, if you are considering hiring a professional, getting several estimates from different companies can be advantageous for price comparison reasons.

Another great option is to use fence estimating software. This is a program that you can obtain in a few different ways. You can purchase it in disk form from the largest hardware or home improvement warehouses. You can also download it from a website that specializes in fence estimating. These downloads are often for a specific number of uses, but some are permanent downloads. Many fences estimating software programs are specific to the type of fence that you are building, whether it is a chain link, vinyl, or wooden fence. You can use the software to obtain a fence cost estimate by following the screen prompts and entering the variables.

Some sites offer free fence estimating since they are promoting a specific company or product. These may be more limited than the software programs that you would purchase for private use. Depending on the price involved and your fence estimate needs, either can be a good option.

Building your fence can seem like a daunting task, but the hardest part is doing the fence estimating. Do yourself a favor and make it as easy on yourself as possible. Be prepared before you start with all the things you will need to estimate your fence before you start. Using a fence estimating software program is also going to make your life much easier. So, no matter which method you choose, keep your eye on the end goal, your brand new beautiful fence!

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